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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

No mobiles to disturb the Peace just Goat bells

This is a Satelite shot of the extreme North East of Tenerife. The Main Roads can be seen in the lower left corner coloured yellow. The other lines are mainly just tracks (some passable by car/ small bus). It is great walking country! But, be warned there is no mobile phone coverage....so.....Do not go alone!

The idea was to scout-out the hills to the East of "Lomo de Las Bodegas" so we left the car beside a 4X4 "Forestry Commission" Truck and took the Cementary Path where the first and last sign we saw was "Pelegro Veneno" ie. Danger....something around here is poisonous! (Clearly meant to discourage visitors) There were also Red Laces tied to some of the trees.....noted!
A little phased, we picked our way through the bushes in a South East direction down into the valley and towards some derelict houses, picking some large Blackberries on the way. The local Frogs were very vocal and resentful of our presence, as we took fotos and gloried in the sun.

On the way down to this Croft we could smell but not see a nearby Donkey.(curious)
The stained Rock above the Croft turned out to be a small "Waterfall" which was chilled and refreshing. This was turning into Paradise.
Wondering what delights there were ahead; we pressed on.... to find that there were more hidden Crofts and more running water!
Coming away from one of these we found the perfect spot for a picnic! We were astride a High ridge looking one side into a valley full of distant goats and on the side a perfect track led down into Igueste. (The end of the tarmac road up to the North)
High up as we were, whilst eating goats cheese, blackberries and red wine. we could take it all in properly and suddenly realised.... that the goat track below...... would take us down into "Antequera"!  (I thought that it was only accessible from the sea and the boats had stopped going some time ago.)
Unfortuneately, time had beaten us.... this time!
But, we will be return.
Back, at the car we wonderered what the "venom" sign was trying to warn us about...... we hope it wasn't the blackberries... No, surely not.         Hasta La Vista. Por favor Dios.

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  1. I will now download a 'goat bells' ringtone for my mobiley...;-)

    Have you any idea how lucky you are to be living this life? Me? Jealous...never!!!...;-)