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Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Rock with the "WoW Factor" Roque del Conde

The climb wasn't going to be easy but the views were going to be worth it!       I had been at its foot twice before but did not want to "sweat in the Mid-day sun", so I had opted, instead  for a meal and a pint down the road. This time it was hazy and perfect conditions for the upward slog. The Pueblo de Venta was still half asleep as we slipped between the cottages and down into the Barranco. On the the way we stopped at various fig trees (it is a passion of Nattys') and were totally preoccupied with them.  So, when we turned a corner, we  stopped in out tracks....WoW... we were deep in the barranco and looking down at a vertical 30 foot waterfall. What must that look like when there is a downfall, Impresionante!
Now. here is an idea...... I want to go back when there is a real downpour and we all know them.....How Cool would that foto be?
Meanwhile here is one with Natty to show the scale of things...... cameras never do the scene justice. So, I will leave it to you imagination. We had to force ourselves away and climb the other side into the Sun and the we were immediately overtaken by a youthful couple going at twice our pace! (One wonders what their experience was) They shamed us by bounding out of view as we took our first (of Many) water stops.
At the Saddle the mists spoilt our view down into Los Christianos and Las Americas so we carried on. They both seemed truly miles away but almost touchable from our Eagles Nest:.

Yes, it was hard but enjoyable and the heavy dew kept us cool as the going got easier towards the top. (OK, I admit it.....  The youngsters met us near the top, on their way down.....presumably having had a picnic)
Actually it was too cold for a picnic so we took some fotos in the mist.  That is Pueblo de Venta through the Clouds in the foto!  There are some formidable Rock formations up there but for us we were most impressed that the Flat Peak had been terraced and Cultivated in the past!
That is a long slog (2 hours) to work and back each night, with a full load. Those workers have my respect!
If you get the chance, bite the bullet and go.... you will be richly rewarded, and who knows we may meet you there in the Clouds.
By the way, I had a couple of (richly deserved) beers and we both ate formidably in Valle San Lorenzo.

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  1. I'm a wee bit younger than you but would have required many more water stops than you did...;-)

    I think I'm living in the wrong country here. Great pics and loved the descriptions of it all.

    If I sell up on the quiet and the wife gets miffed I will blame you..;-)