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Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Rock with the "WoW Factor" Roque del Conde

The climb wasn't going to be easy but the views were going to be worth it!       I had been at its foot twice before but did not want to "sweat in the Mid-day sun", so I had opted, instead  for a meal and a pint down the road. This time it was hazy and perfect conditions for the upward slog. The Pueblo de Venta was still half asleep as we slipped between the cottages and down into the Barranco. On the the way we stopped at various fig trees (it is a passion of Nattys') and were totally preoccupied with them.  So, when we turned a corner, we  stopped in out tracks....WoW... we were deep in the barranco and looking down at a vertical 30 foot waterfall. What must that look like when there is a downfall, Impresionante!
Now. here is an idea...... I want to go back when there is a real downpour and we all know them.....How Cool would that foto be?
Meanwhile here is one with Natty to show the scale of things...... cameras never do the scene justice. So, I will leave it to you imagination. We had to force ourselves away and climb the other side into the Sun and the we were immediately overtaken by a youthful couple going at twice our pace! (One wonders what their experience was) They shamed us by bounding out of view as we took our first (of Many) water stops.
At the Saddle the mists spoilt our view down into Los Christianos and Las Americas so we carried on. They both seemed truly miles away but almost touchable from our Eagles Nest:.

Yes, it was hard but enjoyable and the heavy dew kept us cool as the going got easier towards the top. (OK, I admit it.....  The youngsters met us near the top, on their way down.....presumably having had a picnic)
Actually it was too cold for a picnic so we took some fotos in the mist.  That is Pueblo de Venta through the Clouds in the foto!  There are some formidable Rock formations up there but for us we were most impressed that the Flat Peak had been terraced and Cultivated in the past!
That is a long slog (2 hours) to work and back each night, with a full load. Those workers have my respect!
If you get the chance, bite the bullet and go.... you will be richly rewarded, and who knows we may meet you there in the Clouds.
By the way, I had a couple of (richly deserved) beers and we both ate formidably in Valle San Lorenzo.

Friday, 11 September 2009


The day was free. I had no work and nothing planned, which was the problem; What to do.....................
So this became our "Delightful Dilemma" ....... A choice  between Guimar and Vilaflor, which is one of our favourites.    We solved our plight. We decided that a leisurely Lunch up in Vilafor at the Restaurant "Casa Pana" would go down well.
During the ascent we slowed to enjoy the scenery and suddenly realised that the figs were ripe at the side of the road and if you have never eaten figs "straight from the tree" you are in for a delight.
Trying to park on this wildly winding road is almost impossible, but, luck was with us. Natty was out the car and scrambled down to a magnificent Tree with loads of Figs and before I could get there, she had disappeared into its centre!
Following was my downfall!
A little bit of advice here.
DO NOT go near Prickly Pears without long trousers, and keep away from the tall slender, dried and dead plants under all the Fig Trees. These are called "Cardos" and have spines that one can breathe-in. Take Care. These horrible plants are the guardians of the most treasured fruits and will not be denied! You will come away itching an' a scratching......for hours....      "Vale de Pena"

Thursday, 10 September 2009


This is where I must confess that going out for a meal after 10-30pm leaves me cold. But, our Spanish friends would not take "No" for an answer. I knew the Restaurant was good and so I reluctantly agreed. Having walked the Mountains above "Los Dos Barrancos" numerous times we left giving ourselves only 15 minutes to get there. Well, you have probably guessed.........Thanks to the construction people I got waylaid in a one-way system that would not get us to our destination! However, persistance eventually prevailed. We arrived late and hangry. (OK... you got it)
The Restaurant has grown with its clients and its Price List. However the fish (panga) was sweet and complimented by a decent wine. The beefsteak were more than adequate with a strong red, earthy wine. The bread was fresh from the oven and the coffee came around all to fast. Complete, we entered the fresh air outside and spying the moonlight night with its host of stars, instead of feeling tired; we all felt invigorated and the conversation continued easily. Our Spanish Hosts then asked us if we would like a "chupita" in a little place they knew further up the Barranco.
Feeling suitably refreshed, I heard myself say "Why not!" The next few minutes passed as a blur of fast corners, vertical drops, rocky outcrops,broken barriers and Prickly Pears in the dancing headlights of their car.
Well, I could possibly find the place again.....but then again.....perhaps not.
It was, completely off the beaten track and consisted of a selection of Shacks. The only sign that there were people about, was that we had to block-in two other cars to park. Our car being the fifth.
There was only a frightened goat. No other signs of life. No Lighting. No dogs barking. No noise. No voices........... nada!
A hidden side door eventually opened. A mantel of light, the smell of beer and some welcoming faces seduced us into an unexpected World. It seemed that half the village was packed into one small room with five musicians complete with guitars, a timple and acordian. These guys were simply making great music, catchy and rhythmic. A lady took my hand and suddenly I was dancing [sic] with a complete stranger whilst my feet were trying to catch up with the rhythm. Making my excuses I found a seat with my friends and found a second friend in a Terracotta Jug of "vino del casa" which was simply excellent. The musicians were exchanging instruments. The men were singing. The ladies were joining in chorus. And, I..... I was joining them in spirit!
What a Great Night. When I next glanced at my watch it was 3 in the morning and I had an early start in the South the next day (sorry ugh, That day).............so........... we had to begrudgingly leave. The latch on the door was heavier than when we gained entry; echoing our reluctance to call a halt to the evenings entertainment! No wonder......What a night! Bravo!
Yes, We had to force yourselves to go out late... But, a lot of the time it's THESE evenings that surpass themselves; isn't it? And, by the way...I did get to work on time, just. Thankyou Tenerife.