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Friday, 16 October 2009

Teide's Last Eruption (100 Years Ago in Nov 1909)

This is an authentic photograh (courtesy of :- Colectivo Arguayo) taken 100 years ago on 18th Nov, when Teide last erupted!   It shows farmers watching the Eruption quite close by.
It took place at "Chinyero" which is close to "Santiago del Teide" on the Western side of the Island. The lava flow was somehow diverted out of harms way.          I am wondering two things here:-
  1. Will there be any special "celebrations"?  Knowing Tinerfenians they 'will' organise something .... so, watch this spot!
  2. Secondly, of course; When will Teide Erupt again?  !!!


  1. You can't beat a good eruption after a really hot chicken vindaloo....

    This has nowt to do with it I know but I am - as always - a bit kettled...

    Incidentally. That's a bloody good pic. Buggered if I'd stand so close to an eruption!!!

  2. I was up there a few days ago. Can report that the only volcanic rumbling came courtesy of our friend's dog's flatulence.