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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Chestnut season has arrived!

The castaña (chestnut) season has arrived!          These were picked by the roadside, yesterday, in the South and are lovely eating.     So..... get out there and take a few for the barbecue and enjoy.             To find a lot of them; Take the Road up towards Teide from Guimar. This Road has some tremendous views and some nice picnic places to stop.          About halfway up there is a " Mirador" of special interest.      Then above that point, most; if not all the land on the right hand side belongs to the Cabildo and as such is "owned by the community" so you will not be Poaching, scrumping or anything like that. (Anyway that is what we were told by the forest fire people (Brifor) when we were digging around.          There is a local Recipe that includes Chestnuts and  Aniseed....... but where did I leave it?          If, anyone has the recipe, please let me know.
They are just a little different from the English variety! Mind out for the prickly kernels.........Suerte!

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