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Friday, 11 September 2009


The day was free. I had no work and nothing planned, which was the problem; What to do.....................
So this became our "Delightful Dilemma" ....... A choice  between Guimar and Vilaflor, which is one of our favourites.    We solved our plight. We decided that a leisurely Lunch up in Vilafor at the Restaurant "Casa Pana" would go down well.
During the ascent we slowed to enjoy the scenery and suddenly realised that the figs were ripe at the side of the road and if you have never eaten figs "straight from the tree" you are in for a delight.
Trying to park on this wildly winding road is almost impossible, but, luck was with us. Natty was out the car and scrambled down to a magnificent Tree with loads of Figs and before I could get there, she had disappeared into its centre!
Following was my downfall!
A little bit of advice here.
DO NOT go near Prickly Pears without long trousers, and keep away from the tall slender, dried and dead plants under all the Fig Trees. These are called "Cardos" and have spines that one can breathe-in. Take Care. These horrible plants are the guardians of the most treasured fruits and will not be denied! You will come away itching an' a scratching......for hours....      "Vale de Pena"

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