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Monday, 14 December 2009

(A little Tip) Always accept the small, humbling gifts from Tinerfenians

I am well known for liking my food, maybe it is my body mass or maybe I always seem to end up being a very appreciative audience when confronted with "Cocina Canaria".  Home made cheeses, Local wines, Deep Sea Fish, Superb Deserts, Exotic Fruits, Wild Mushrooms and even freshly picked Snails have all ended up being devoured with gusto by 'yours truly'.
The other day, friends were just going off to get some bread and asked if I wanted some. "Por favor" was my quick response but they were gone before I could give them any money.   On their return they had several full bags and promptly handed me one of the biggest and by way of explanation; "Un regalito". 
But, this 'little' present nearly got dropped as it was a lot heavier than normal and I mean A LOT Heavier !!
Completely intrigued, I ripped open the paper to find the heaviest and biggest bread I have ever seen, complete with lattice work detailing........Gosh! 
Believe me, it was 20 inches long and 10 inches round.

When I got to cut it open I found that it was full of Ham, Olives, Raisons, nuts and melted cheeses!!!  The bread itself had a lovely yellow hue and tasted sweet like breakfast buns. The photo above shows the last uneaten half, as it got eaten in very short order between us.      Well, the diet went out the window !!!

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