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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Marauding, Looting Armada Invades North Tenerife

Dutch, Germans, French and English buccaneers are wreaking havoc in the North of Tenerife and systematically sacking the town. They seem to have taken over Santa Cruz and are to be seen plundering the Supermarkets, Liquor stores and Fresh Produce Markets. Fresh (out of the Oven) baguettes are snatched out of the hands of the locals and complete shelves of wine, beers, Hams and a multitude of canned meats are swept into the carts of these marauders.
You cannot visit a Cybercafe without having to wait for various of these intruders to finish boasting about their exploits and sharing plans of future conquests with all and sundry back home. Their Banners, Flags and Privateer Pennants are flying high as they gather together and swap stories of frontiers crossed, Officialdom circumnavigated and How far their Chest of "ill-gotten gains" is holding up.........
I am of course 'having a little fun' by describing the annual assembly of "Round the World" sailors that use the Islands as a vital victualling stop before they launch themselves across the Atlantic in the wake of Christopher Columbus. Most years there are about 1000 Sailing Yachts that launch themselves from our shores. That really is a small Armada. Although a lot of them have only skeleton crews [moan], there are still 3000 odd souls out there pursuing  their dreams.The Middle of November normally heralds the start of the "Christmas Trade Winds" which take them across to the Caribbean.

                                                            I know,  their hearts are in their mouths as they prepare to confront the unknown. Anything could catch them out; an unpredicted storm, a breaching whale, a lightning strike or a ' Floating Container' just below the surface. Each and every year there are incidents; a sinking, serious damage and sometimes loss of life!
So, whether we take the Mick or brand them as misguided fools lets just wish them "A safe and happy transit"......."May the Wind be always from behind"........ and.......... "May you remember our 'Fortunate Isles' with a smile and a grin"

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  1. "May the Wind be always from behind"

    You can't argue with that!